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MM Good Book Reviews Takes on "Be Fairy Game"

With each book, I still feel giddy when I have a wonderful review and know that the reader/reviewer truly enjoyed the book. It makes everything so worthwhile. You can find Shorty's fabulous review here from MM Good Book Reviews

Boy Meet Boy Reviews Group Review "By Fairy Means or Foul"

I'm not kidding when I say that the ponies' group review made me cry. A fantastic set of reviews from Boy Meets Boy Reviews.  Just a few excerpts:


"I just wanna make it rain with them. I loved this book SO hard that I wanted to savor it and hurry up and read at the same time. The struggle was real y’all."


"This is like, my FAVORITE book of the summer! EVERYONE needs to read this!"


"I loved the hell out of this book." 


"This book - well it was a delight from page 1 until the end! Full of snark and sass, it's not necessarily my go-to type of read, but I laughed all the way through -  it was such a fun read!"


"It was epic and definitely went big, instead of mailing it in, in the fantastical department!"


"This brought me back to my nostalgic happy place, made all the better being M/M. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Twig, Quinn, and company - this was a fabulous start to what looks like a great series!!"



Open Skye Book Reviews Tackles "By Fairy Means or Foul"

An awesome review from Dee over at Open Skye Book Reviews.


"This is one of my favourite books already. I’d describe it as a fairytale romp and recommend this without reservation."


Wicked Reads Reviews "Ride Along"

An awesome review from Rachel over at Wicked Reads


"I have to say that I absolutely loved that one of the main characters was so different than most. Red hair, lip ring, loud and proud. Drew was just awesome. Meanwhile, Officer Hot Stuff was super sexy (who doesn't love a cop that fills out his uniform?), but he is dealing with some very heavy stuff that really made me feel so bad for him."


The Novel Approach Reviews "Ride Along"

A fantastic review by Jules over at The Novel Approach


"I dug this one for sure! A quick, enjoyable read that I would absolutely recommend."


Diverse Reader Reviews "Ride Along"

A great review by Meredith over at Diverse Reader.


"It's an enjoyable and sweet story about love and strength. About standing up for yourself and finding the person who will stand beside you."


Joyfully Jay Reviews "Ride Along"

A nice review by Sue over at Joyfully Jay.


"Ride Along enjoyed a well-paced, well-rounded plot and characters that worked well on the page."


Boy Meets Boy Reviews "Ride Along"

Two lovely reviews from the ponies over at the Boy Meets Boy stables. 


"This was a low angst, sweet and fun book. I went in expecting something a bit different but am glad with the outcome. Drew and Josh just really complement each other and this was a fun read." 


"The Story is funny, low angst and sweet. A good mix like sweet and salty. It's sort of on the quieter side and most of 'angst' is more internal and if not, family/work related. There were serious topics approached: community strife, homophobia, abusive relationships that didn't weigh down the tone of the book.

Love Bytes Reviews "Ride Along"

A great review for Ride Along, from Cinnamon from Love Bytes Reviews


"The story has a good balance, some light conflict and it was everything my heart needed from a minimal angst, cute love story. Have fun."


Rainbow Book Reviews Reviews "Ride Along"

A nice review from Serena over at Rainbow Book Reviews


"If you like out-and-proud writers trying to get along with deeply closeted cops, if you want to watch two men who seem to be polar opposites deal with their attraction and all the issues that follow, and if you're looking for a read that is entertaining and very hot, then you might like this novella."

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Reviews "Ride Along"

A very good review from Scattered Thoughts and Rouge Words Reviews


"I couldn’t tell until I really got into this story that the author has to be either from or living in my area where the story is located.  I mean how many people know Greenbelt that intimately? Hell, how many people have even heard of Greenbelt outside of here? And the places in Baltimore? She has it all right down to the food (G&M crab cakes) and the traffic and the Hon festival.  I often cringe when someone obviously not from here (and not having done their homework) writes about this region from the District, surrounding areas right to Baltimore and Northern Virginia.  The mistakes are often howlers.  But not here and I loved it!"


Indeed, I am living in the area and I tried to pull in all things Maryland! So glad it was appreciated. My only regret was not including a cup of Zeke's coffee somewhere in the mix. . . but no one's perfect. 


Melanie M goes on to say, "Yes I can absolutely recommend Ride Along (States of Love) by Meghan Maslow for all you lovers of contemporary romance!  Its a heartwarmer you’ll just adore!  Plus maybe you’ll order some crabcakes or five!"


Hearts on Fire Reviews "Ride Along"

A nice review from Hearts on Fire Reviews.


"Meghan Maslow is a new-to-me author and I’ll be looking for her again. . . If you want a moderately steamy, no-angst book, with equally well-characterized MC’s, and a low-key plot that still holds your attention, it’s hard to go wrong with this little gem."

The Blogger Girls Review "Ride Along"

A really good review for Ride Along from Ami over at The Blogger Girls


"Ride Along has a lovely touch of humor in between of what I think to be a more important issues such as the bullying behavior towards Josh that comes from that "blue-blood" mentality or how family's love can still make you feel down. The ending was lovely and for a novella it felt pretty complete. All in all, I like Maslow's writing and I look forward to more books from her in the future."


Lelyana's Book Blog Reviews "Ride Along"

A great review from Lelyana's Book Blog. I laughed out loud when she suggested that Drew's brother, Ian, could possibly be gay and should get his own story. Hmm. . . *plot bunny hops by* 


"I really enjoyed this book. Recommended!"


Two Reviews from Gay Book Reviews for "Ride Along"

Two good reviews from Gay Book Reviews


"Told from closeted cop Joao “Josh” de Oliveira and writer Drew Nolan’s points of view this was a really enjoyable weekend read. Enough realistic moments that it didn’t require a whole lot of suspension of disbelief to get through, this had some humor as well as some heat."


"What a unique read this was! I found it to be to a smooth, and somewhat quick read, filled with seemingly low-angst which was interlaced with heart-breaking issues, along with a nerve-racking mysterious tone that had me constantly on the edge-of-my-seat."


Let me just say that I loved this second quote because my wheelhouse is really mystery/suspense and Ride Along was my first attempt at a sweeter, contemporary read. But it's good to know that my darker side comes through. ;) 

Bayou Book Junkie Reviews "Ride Along"

A nice review from Bayou Book Junkie


"I loved Drew. He was sweet and funny and I'll be honest, when I saw Drew wore a "I would bottom you so hard" t-shirt when I read the blurb, I knew I had to meet him. Josh, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to punch or hug him. I guess a little of both."


"I liked snarky Drew and thought the interactions between him and Josh were really well done. Drew is funny and just seems to attract people wanting to befriend him."

OptimuMM Reviews "Ride Along"

A heartwarming review from OptimuMM Reviews


"It was a sweet novella and a sweet love story between Drew and Josh. The writing was good, and all my reading was enjoyable."


Multitasking Momma Reviews "A Cobra's Charm"

Another great review for "A Cobra's Charm." This time from Multitasking Mommas


"Reading a short story is a delight especially when it is well written, well thought out, intriguing, fast paced and leaves the reader smiling. This is what I like about A Cobra's Charm."


But my favorite part of her review is when she mentions that she hates snakes, but still loved the story. :) 


Love Bytes Reviews "A Cobra's Charm" 

A great review from Love Bytes Reviews for "A Cobra's Charm." 


"A Cobra's Charm is a lovely short story about two men who find love in captivity and find the courage to fight back against their captor. This is definitely a book to add to your collection." 


The Blogger Girls Review "A Corbra's Charm." 

A great review from The Blogger Girls for "A Cobra's Charm." 


"This is a very well written short story. It tells a lot in a short amount of time, giving us a broken Jiri and a cocky Miksa who are so wrong for each other, they're right."



The Dark Arts Reviews "A Cobra's Charm"

A great review from The Dark Arts for "A Cobra's Charm." 


"Such a sweet and erotic story."



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