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Angel Martinez
Lauren Weidner & Tracy Willoughby
Hangin' with my roomie, Lauren Weidner
Jen Slusher (super reader extraordinaire)
Rowan Mcallister
Robert Winter
TA Moore
Michael Bailey & Rod Batterman (fave GRL ship)
CJ Baty
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Greg Tremblay (fave audiobook narrator)

Writers' Police Academy, 2018

Arriving after a very long day! But I've got my purrride shirt on. 



Uh oh, Jackie North woke me up before 6am. . . without coffee.

Me and my awesome roomie, Jackie North



Consequences. . . Just saying'. 



Fun times and Moscow mules just go together! 



Good thing there's WPA swag to lay out the crime scene.



Crime Scene Swag

The Burn House (It's where firefighters practice putting out fires)

The fire is contained!

Fire truck with hose attached.



A Table full of swag 

Removing the injured



No fear of heights here

After the fire comes the ambulance



Chain of Custody Forms

Firefighters in action



Love this pic! 

More EMT gear



Evidence bags




Fire engine

The inside of an ambulance



Confined space crawl module



My team

Swat gear demo



I lightened the photo so you could see inside the box. It's three stories of crawling in the pitch dark

My team with our protective gear

Firing range with a glock. Turns out, I'm a good shot. Only missed one.



Protective gear for a force on force class


Now I know how Darth Vader felt

Me on the firing range


Equipment for the dive. The tanks were hooked into this and other non-diving officers could then make sure the diving officers had enough air, etc. 

Into the depths. Unfortunately, in this instance the officers didn't find the "child" (a doll). Not that uncommon with very low visibility and lots of area to cover.

An emergency medical kit with tourniquet for officers who are going into dicey situations. We practiced tourniqueting and I managed to "save" my life every time (we had 20 seconds to do so).



The air tanks ready to go. Pretended that a mom had thrown her child overboard from a ferry the previous night. Officers go in to look for the body. 

Putting on the dry suit. It was hot standing there in a t-shirt, so I can only imagine how hot this poor officer was. 

I look so bored in the arrest techinques course. I wasn't, I swear! I was learning how to wield a baton and we were about to practice our techniques.



More necessary gear

Water retrival officers have arrived. This demo was harder to watch than some of the others because all conference attendees went to see it at once. But it was still a cool exercise t see how they go about looking for bodies in the water.

The other half of the kit. This was for an EMT course that I really enjoyed. We even worked on fake bullet wounds and knife wounds so we'd know what to do in case an artery was knicked. It's amazing how quickly you have to respond in order to save the person. We also learned how a simple candy or granola bar wrapper can save someone's life if they have a punctured lung. 



Beatley Library LGBTQ Panel: Every Hero

Left to Right: Rowan McAllister, Ari Mckay, me, Andrew Gordon

GRL, Kansas City, 2016

My m/m family. This picture was taken right before the "Over the Rainbow" party at GRL. 


Back row: Lauren Weidner, Caraway Carter, Hans Hirschi, Andrew Michaelsen, and Bru Baker. Front row: Hunter Frost and me. 


















Photobooth Fun at GRL, Kansas City, 2016

Two of my favorite guys: Andrew Michaelsen and Hans Hirschi

Photobooth with the amazing Wade Kelly and Kayla Cooley. 



Vamping it up in the photobooth with Amelia Vaughn. 



My roomie and best bud Lauren Weidner.

Wade Kelly and I showing Greg Tremblay a little love.



Amy DiMartino (who is so much better at taking selfies than I am!)

Saxon Hawke rules!

Lovely ladies: Bru Baker, Lauren Weidner, and Heather 

Me, Anya, and Lauren Weidner (Lauren and I are starting to look a little rough at the end of the night).



Andrew Michaelsen gives the best hugs (and kisses).

Spicy Becca and Anya are in the house! 

Bonnie Herbert's looking good! She bought me my first birthday drink of the night. I totally blame her for my headache the next morning. :) 

Lauren and Hans show off their costumes

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