Favorite M/M Books

There are so many good m/m reads. I'm going to periodically post my favorites. I am a very eclectic reader, but I find that I gravitate toward sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal reads. However, a few of my favorites are also romances with PIs, FBI agents, rockstars, etc. I also like BDSM if it's done well, and every so often a sweet read -- but I gravitate toward HAWT. You've been warned!

My Very Favorite MM Book

Joey W. Hill's Rough Canvas. It was the first m/m book I ever read and it is still my very favorite. I can't say enough good things about this book. It is technically part of a series, but you don't have to read the other books (primarily m/f) to enjoy this one, so I'm counting it as a standalone. If you don't like BDSM you'll want to skip this one. It is intense. I absolutely adore Thomas and Marcus. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. You can buy it here: Rough Canvas

Newest Recs

Lily Mayne's Monstrous series. These are AMAZING. She's created such an interesting dystopian world with really strong romances with monsters. I held off reading this series because I don't usually like dystopian stories, but I kept hearing such great things about them, that I finally decided to give the first book a try. Completely hooked me in like a page. Can't recommend it enough. You can buy the first book here: Soul Eater

MA Grant's The Darkest Court series. These books were such a joy to listen to in audio. Fae, humans, and all sorts of other creatures make this trilogy a fabulous read. A different couple in each book, but they're all related, so you'll definitely want to read all three. You can buy the first book here: Prince of Air and Darkness

Kai Butler's San Amaro Investigations series. I love me some urban fantasy! They're amazing. And Greg Tremblay/Boudreaux does the audiobooks. You can buy the first one here: Wormwood Summer

Hailey Turner's Metahumans Files series. I know her urban fantasy gets more attention, but I adore this take on mutants. I flew through the whole series in a couple of days. Jamie and Kyle are swoon worthy. You can buy the first one here: In the Wreckage

Eden  Winter's Diversions Series. This is one of my favorite series of all time! And it's so underappreciated. I adore Lucky and Bo. I love how the characters grow so much throughout this series and all the things they have to do to have their HEA. Darcy Stark does such an amazing job on the narration. You can buy the first one here: Diversion

Iris Foxglove's The Starian Cycle series. If you are looking for light and fluffy, this is NOT for you. But if you like Avril Ashton and CS Pacat's Captive Prince, you will be so glad I recommended this one to you! You can get the first book here: The Traitor's Mercy

Rowan McAllister's Hexes and Horns. Rowan loves to write in all genres, but I really think she excels at paranormal romance. You can find it here: Hexes and Horns


SE Jakes's Hell and Highwater Series. Prophet and Tom. Sigh. You can buy book one of the series here: To Catch a Ghost

Alessandra Hazard's Straight Guys series is also high up on my reading list. I'll be honest though, I think the series gets a lot better with each new book. I wasn't crazy about the first one, but I've really LOVED the latter books. However, one of the things this series is known for is having relationships that are not quite on kilter. Many times I don't like books like these, but for some reason, I just eat these up with a spoon. You can buy the first book here: Just a Bit Twisted

JL Langley's With or Without series. I really enjoyed this series and her take on werewolves. I'm big into shifters so it wasn't a stretch that I'd love it. I especially love, love, love "With Caution." It's one of my go-to books when I need an old favorite. The whole series is great though. Her Sci-fi Regency is also a treat. I figured I wouldn't like it, so I took forever to get around to reading it, but was pleasantly surprised. Loved every word. You can buy the first book in the With or Without series here: Without Reservations

Kendall Mckenna's Tameness of the Wolf series. I adore this series. It's got military and werewolves and fantastic worldbuilding. I love how she integrates the wolves into the military structure and how the different pairings come together. I love all the books in this series, but I'm especially fond of the first one. You can buy the first book here: The Strength of the Pack

Mary Calmes' Matter of Time and Marshall's series. I adore Sam and Jory in particular, but both series are such a pleasure. Be prepared to spend a week reading them all because once you go in, you won't stop until you've read them all! You can buy book one here: A Matter of Time 

Rhys Ford's Cole McGinnis series. Love, love, love this. A P.I. to die for. Cole and Jae. Love them. You can buy book one here: Dirty Kiss

Avril Ashton's Brooklyn Sinner's Series. If you like criminals and good guys getting together, this series is for you. You can buy book one here: Love the Sinner

Kora Knight's Upending Tad series is an erotic treat. I love both Scott and Tad and thought this series was hawt, hawt, hawt! I also love her Nira Chronicles series, because I really like sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal combined with my romance. You can buy the first book for the Upending Tad series here: Loser Takes All 

I'm also a huge fan of her Krie series. You can find book one here: Krie Captivity 

 CS Pacat's Captive Prince Trilogy. So, so good. You can buy book one here: Captive Prince

Charlie Cochet's Thirds Series. Great world creation. Funny, hot, and a great read. Dex and Sloane. A perfect match. You can buy book one here: Hell & Highwater

Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series. This series was one of the very first m/m that I read. Really entertaining read. You can buy the first book in the series here: Fatal Shadows

Ann Lister's Rock Gods series. These guys make me drool! I'm a sucker for a good rockstar tale, so if you are into rock stars, you can buy the first book here: Fall For Me


Casey McQuiston's Red, White, and Royal Blue is such a fun book. The first chapter I wondered if I would like it and then WHAM! I couldn't put it down. Awesome audiobook, too. You can buy it here: Red, White, and Royal Blue

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