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3/09/2023 update:



Cat's Chance in Hell is out in audio. Greg Tremblay/Boudreaux narrates and I am jumping up and down in excitement for you all to hear it. He's really showcased his range--and accents--in this one. If you've read the book already, you know why I'm so excited (no spoilers). Unfortunately, it's taking FOREVER to whispersync. I've been in lots of contact with both Amazon and ACX/Audible, but so far it's been a waiting game. Hopefully, in the next two weeks this will be resolved. 


Demon for the Win, is out in all formats and is set in my Much Ado About Demons world. It released on February 23rd, but much like Cat's Chance, it's been a bit of a mess. While Amazon put the ebook and print in the correct categories (mm fantasy romance), ACX/Audible placed the audio in the erotica dungeon. This means that the book isn't searchable on Amazon except when you go to the audible tab and search speifically for it. It doesn't come up in a general search, isn't associated with the book or paperback, and thus also isn't whispersynced. ACX put in a request to get it into the correct categories, but so far it hasn't happened. I have no idea when this issue will be solved, but I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it will be soon. 


From there, I'm planning (assuming my muse cooperates) to go back to A Demon’s Dilemma. It's set in the Much Ado About Demons world (Verona) and will be Az's story. If you've read Must Love Demons, you know this one's going to be a bit of a rough ride. He's got some 'splaining to do. And I promise you, he'll do it. I love a good redemption arc. 


I'm debating whether to also start working on the next Charm City book. I have the first chapter in my head, so I may write it down and just see where it goes . . .


I'll to do my best to get Starfig Investigations Book 5 (tentatively titled, Turnabout is Fairy Play) out in the world in 2023. This will be Bill's story. While Twig's POV is easy for me to write, others' POVs are not. It took me months to finally nail Quinn's voice and to know that I was really telling HIS story and not letting Twig tell it for him. I assume it will be the same with Bill, so fair warning, that I'll do my best, but this one may take a little longer.


I have a sooper sekret project planned for the fall, but I'm not able to speak about that one just yet, but just know that something else is coming. I should also have the Italian translation of Cat's Chance in Hell out sometime in the fall. And that's it for now. If things change, I'll come back and update.




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