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This year has gone nothing like I've planned so far. I definitely am a poor predictor of my future! But as with most things, I try to roll with it. 


Next up is a novella that was supposed to be a short story (30k because it's me and I can't write short to save my life) that'll be in a Fated Mates charity anthology with some other great authors. It will go live September 1st, but is only available through October 31st, so make sure you grab yourself a copy before it's gone! My story, As the Raven Flies, is set in the Baltimore world. If you haven't read that series, no worries, you can read this one as a standalone. There are characters from other books, so I do think it's more enjoyable if you've read the others, but it is definitely not required. It's a forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers-ish romance with a stubborn raven shifter and a dire wolf who keeps putting his patent leather shoes in his mouth.


I've also surprised myself by writing a paranormal holiday novella/novel (it's not done yet so I don't have the final word count). No, it's not in any of my existing series. Yes, I plan to make it a one-off. No, the likelihood of it being a one-off is not looking good since interesting side characters pop up and demand their own stories. If this isn't the life of a writer, I don't know what is! It's coming your way on December 29th, and I'll have more to share once I have a cover, blurb, etc. It's going to be in a multi-author series, but I have to wait until I'm allowed to say more about it (shhh, it's still a secret). 


I've been working on both a book set in Charm City and the next Starfig book. Bill has been really loud and demanding recently, especially after I went back and listened to the audio of book four and realized I had planted some really great seeds for his book. This is the part of writing I love the most! Since I have another multi-author series novel coming next year (also has to stay hush-hush for now), I'm not sure when I'll finish/publish Bill's book, but I'll just do my best to keep you posted. I love all the worlds I write in, but Starfig books have a special spot in my heart and I am so ready to get back to the Elder and write this book! 


That's it for the update for now. I'll keep you all posted as I know more about my upcoming releases. Thanks for reading! 

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