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Let me be honest -- I only loosely follow a writing/publication schedule. I'm a pantser, so I tend to follow my flighty muse and have found that I can't make her focus on a project if she's set on another one. Having said that, I do keep a loose list of what I'm working on. I'll share that here and update it as needed. 


I'm not an exceptionally fast writer. I'm sorry to say, you'll never see me publishing 12 books a year. I admire authors who can do that but I'm realistic enough to know that I'm not one of them. I like lots of external plot in my romances and that takes time and effort create. Plus, as you all may have noticed, my books tend to run long. 80K is a short book for me. ?


So what does 2022 have in store for my readers? Hmmm, well, the first book will be in the Much Ado About Demons world (Verona) and will be Az's story. If you've read Must Love Demons, you know this one's going to be a bit of a rough ride. He's got some 'splaining to do. And I promise you, he'll do it. I love a good redemption arc.


I'm also planning to dive into my next Charm City Chronicles (Baltimore UF) book. It's going to involve a certain gum chewing werecat who can't seem to keep his curiosity in check. And you know what they say about curiosity and cats . . . 


I'll to do my best to get Starfig Investigations Book 5 (tentatively titled, Turnabout is Fairy Play) out in the world. This will be Bill's story. While Twig's POV is easy for me to write, others' POVs are not. It took me months to finally nail Quinn's voice and to know that I was really telling HIS story and not letting Twig tell it for him. I assume it will be the same with Bill, so fair warning, that I'll do my best, but this one may take a little longer. 


I have 3 other books that I'm slowly working on. I'm not sure whether any of them will be done in 2022. That will depend on a lot of things -- most of which I have little control over. I'll keep you all posted. 


Also, a reminder that I'll have a FREE novella, Demon for the Win, out starting on January 1, 2022, so not a bad way to kick off the new year. It's also set in the Much Ado About Demons world, so Verona is definitely getting some love (as is Nico, everyone's favorite cinnamon roll of an incubus). It will remain free for a year, so make sure you stop by and pick it up at some point in 2022.   



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